How to Cast Free Wishing Spells

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I wish my life was better. I wish I had more money. I wish I wasn’t so tired all the time. I wish the weather would get better. You can spend your whole life wishing, but if you don’t put a little work behind it, and pour a little of yourself into making it happen it may never come to pass. Instead of just making wishes, learn how to cast free wishing spells for yourself or your loved ones.

I will show how to cast free wishing spells below using a rather complex spell that includes wishing for greater wealth, wishing for a new job, wishing for luck with moving and wishing to stop procrastinating.

Step 1: Mix up a bath salts mixture. You can use just about any recipe, but do not add any essential oils or other scents yet.

Step 2: Divide the bath salts into 5 containers.

Step 3: Mark the five points of a pentagram on the floor - draw it in your mind on the floor - with green candles. It should be large enough for you to sit between them and move without worrying about knocking them over. Green candles indicate you wish to cast a money spell that works. You can replace these green candles with any color that fits your wishing spells.

Step 4: Place white four white candles, two on each side of the green one, coming down the top of the pentagram shape. You should have a triangle without a base now. Again, you should still be able to sit between all the candles without fear of knocking them over. The white candles ensure you only cast white magic spells and that nothing turns bad on you.

Step 5: Place a container of bath salts in front of each green candle. The containers should be open.

Step 6: Kneel facing the top-most point and call the Universe’s attention by saying, “Goddess, hear me; heed my call.”

Step 7: Light one of the white candles first. Which one doesn’t matter. Use the still-lit match to light the green candle at the top point. Put the match out.

Step 8: Light the next white candle and place the still-lit match into the flame of the green candle. Put the match out. Repeat this with the other two white candles.

Step 9: Say, “Goddess, protect me wherever I may roam. Bless me, watch me, keep me. So mote it be.” This call, or something similar, in wishing spells, will protect you while moving your home. It’s like giving the Universe your forwarding address and letting Her know you are moving.

Step 10: Turn to the right and light the candle here with a fresh match. “Bring greater work in adequate amounts. So mote it be.” The fresh match is important so that you do not cross-contaminate the meanings of the candles during your wishing spells.

Step 11: Turn to the right and light this candle with a fresh match as well. “Give me the energy, the liveliness and the vitality to do whatever needs done. So mote it be.”

Step 12: Again, move to the right and light the next green candle. “Guide me and help me find work as I move on in my life. So mote it be.”

Step 13: Turn to the last candle and light it. “Goddess, you have heard my wishes and I thank you for your attention.”

Step 14: One-by-one dribble some wax from each candle onto a glass or ceramic plate. They can overlap or be right on top of each other; it won’t matter.

Step 15: As the wax dries blow out each candle and once again thank the Universe for Her attention.

Step 16: Combine the bath salts into one large container.

Step 17: When the wax has dried, peel it up and place it in the container with the bath salts. Seal the container and allow it to sit overnight. Allowing it to sit allows the magic and essence from the candles to settle into the bath salts. The sealing the jar ensures the most magic possible is captured for your wishing spells.

Step 18: Remove the wax from the bath salts and add a citrus scented essential oil.

Use one teaspoon in a bath in the morning once a week. Use as soon as you have finished making it. Use once more the week before you move. Use again the first time you take a bath in your new home. Use the rest as needed or keep it in a drawer near your work area for added benefits.

Obviously, due to the complexity of most free wishing spells, this one may not be exactly what you are looking for. Actually, it’s almost guaranteed it’s not. Thankfully, wishing spells are easily modifiable. If you are unsure how to modify the spell for yourself you can buy a written, personalized witchcraft spell for just $5.

If you would rather have someone else pour their energy and essence into a wishing spell you can purchase a bath salt, or any other white magic and potion spell, for $5 as well.



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